(Last updated on June 1, 2021)

Q1: I heard that according to the fellowship regulations, our names will be announced publicly, is it true?
A1: Yes, we will publish the full names of the fellowship participants.

Q2: Is there any restrictions regarding to part-time job according to the fellowship regulations?
A2: Part-time jobs unrelated to RA/TA or research are prohibited. Only cases where the total income (including IIW subsidy) is 280,000 Yen (or less) per month are acceptable. (The subsidy amount is 180,000 Yen per month, so the limit for other incomes is up to 100,000 Yen per month)

Q3: When grants from outside IIW are to be received, is it possible to reduce or withdraw from the subsidy?
A3: Reductions are not possible. Subsidy of 180,000 Yen per month will be granted according to the regulations. If you receive additional research grants and the total amount including this subsidy exceeds 280,000 Yen per month, you will need to either limit the amount of grants from outside IIW up to maximum 100,000 Yen per month or withdraw from the subsidy.

Q4: According to the previous rules, when accepted as RA, 200,000 Yen per month will be paid and the upper limit for IIW subsidy would be 80,000 Yen per month. Can this subsidy amount be adjusted?
A4: The new amount for IIW subsidy cannot be adjusted. Please adjust and limit the salary of RA into maximum 100,000 Yen per month.

Q5: What should we do when we are also being a TA and the total amount would exceed the upper limit?
A5: TA income is also treated similarly and the upper limit for the total income is 280,000 Yen per month.

Q6: When being accepted to DC program, are we not able to receive both subsidy and fellowship research fund?
A6: Exactly. The support amount for DC is bigger and there will be no subsidy. However, DC participants will be treated similar to IIW participants where it is possible for them to apply for IIW Program’s student projects, etc. When accepted to such programs, there are cases where research funds are being granted. Additionally, DC participants who continue their IIW activities will receive 50,000 Yen per month as the department’s “Takuetsu RA” if they desire.

Q7: Who will process the bills for fellowship research fund?
A7: Tentatively, it will be similar to the procedures for DC. We will contact the applicable people once it is decided.

Q8: Is there any restriction to secondary job? Is it okay if the secondary job is related to research?
A8: In principle, jobs other than TA/RA are prohibited. Furthermore, RA tasks other than research-related tasks are prohibited. Please consult with us to know whether your RA tasks are related to research or not.

Q9: Is it possible to receive this subsidy together with other scholarship at the same time?
A9: It depends on the rules of each scholarship. If the rules for the other scholarship do not prohibit it, there is no problem.

Q10: I am already accepted to a JSPS DC program, is it possible to apply for this program?
A10: Yes, it is okay to apply. However, fellowship’s subsidy will not be granted.

Q11: Is this subsidy treated as tax-exempt?
A11: According to law, this subsidy belongs to “miscellaneous income” category, and subject for taxation. We will issue proof of payment between end of January to early February, so please declare your tax return at the tax office of your area of residence. Furthermore, regarding declaration of this subsidy, the amount of “miscellaneous income” will be the remains after tuition fee and necessary research expenditure (such as teaching materials, etc) are deducted from the subsidy. Thus, it is necessary for you to keep all related documents (such as receipts, payment records, etc) as proof. If you have any questions about the procedure for tax return declaration or about necessary expenditures, please inquire directly to your nearest tax office.

Q12: Is it possible to receive this subsidy while being abroad?
A12: In principle, this subsidy is to support daily activities in Japan, so you will be not able to receive it while being abroad. There are exceptions to certain cases. Please consult with us regarding to specific situations.

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