Message from the Coordinator


Until now, the IIW (International Graduate Program of Innovation for Intelligent World) webpage had co-existed with the GCL (Global Creative Leaders in Social ICT) webpage, but now an independent website has been launched.

The IIW aims to foster students who start new interdisciplinary fields integrated with informatics, or to create new values in fields of high societal demand such as those of interdisciplinary fields. Since the GCL aims to achieve social change through ICT, the IIW has succeeded the GCL in the latter regard.
On the other hand, the GCL has started a number of interdisciplinary fields, so the IIW has inherited the GCL from the former perspective as well.

Although the website is now independent, IIW will continue to carry on the spirit and accomplishments of the GCL while fostering human resources to create new fields and values.



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